great title

23 11 2005

Book front cover

Cider with Roadies
Stuart Maconie
3 out of 5 stars

And a splendid and entertaining read too. Very much a companion piece to the works by (his former NME and radio companion) Andrew Collins.

Three highlights:

1 Claiming of ownership of the urban myth about Bob Holness playing sax on ‘Baker Street’

2. The account of travelling on tour around Europe with Napalm Death

3. Mark E Smith’s culinary exploits

difficult to escape the conclusion that he is a genuinely decent bloke who’s got to where he is by being clever, honest and working hard – the sod!

Suspect he has had the title in his head for years though before writing the book




One response

23 11 2005
John Dale

True, but I wouldn’t buy it just for the title! Is it any good to actually read?

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