A refreshing view

15 11 2005
Bad Thoughts: A Guide to Clear Thinking
Jamie Whyte
4 out of 5 stars

A delightfully sceptical analysis of public pronouncements, political speak, media frenzies, spurious statistics etc etc. Nice critique of relativism and wonderful barbs about those who value their own opinions higher than facts.

Suffers only from being too darned brief.


13 11 2005

Dangerous Medicine

12 11 2005

Writing about web page http://www.booksack.co.uk

It ain’t on Amazon, only Booksack, but still a top quality publication!

To quote some of the blurb wot I wrote:

This book explores the origins of the quality assurance discourse in 20th Century higher education and argues that quality and standards are widely misunderstood concepts. This is manifested in the apparent enthusiasm for the adoption of industrial models of quality which are quite alien to education. The political context and justification for quality assurance are considered along with problems with language.

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