Dead Interesting

9 12 2005

Writing about web page

Intrigued by this in recent edition of the Chronicle (NB – you will need to login via Library to see full article):

Back on Campus, for Eternity By ERIN STROUT

The most loyal of college alumni would live and die by their alma maters. Recognizing an opportunity in that sentiment, some institutions are offering their graduates burial plots in campus cemeteries. Institutions like the University of Virginia have long had cemeteries where distinguished faculty members and administrators are laid to rest, but until recently the options for alumni were few.The University of Notre Dame has had a cemetery since 1843, and recently decided to expand it and sell burial options to its graduates. An alumni survey indicated “overwhelmingly strong interest” in such purchases. Hence the Coming Home Project was born. “So many people say that Notre Dame is like home to them and that they’d like to be buried here,” says the Rev. William D. Seetch, alumni chaplain. “But we’re still in the design phase of the project, so we’re encouraging everybody to wear the sunscreen and eat the oat bran, because we’re not ready for them yet.” Although Notre Dame needs several million dollars to expand its cemetery, officials don’t want to sell the plots too soon. “What if somebody buys a plot and then they die? We’d have no place to put them,” Father Seetch explains. “It’d be a public-relations disaster.”

I can’t believe we’ve not included this idea in the campus development plan.



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