It’s not that cold

3 02 2006

Car’s external thermometer appears to have broken. It’s cold, but not quite this bad:




One response

3 02 2006
Mathew Mannion

I love the little “Beware of ice” icon next to that 🙂 “No shit!


It’s probably just complaining about being woken up so early 😉




Radio is great – the station of choice – but I’d thought you’d be pimping RaW on fm =)


Sorry for two things:
I meant ‘Radio 4 is great…’
and I don’t think you’re on RaW… so that was a silly point =)

I’m as mad as your thermometer!


Judging by my ears after cycling in this morning, I don’t think your thermometer was that far out 🙂


Yep it must be a Corsa, mine says 10’C but theres frost outside and its really about -3 today! I want to know where on the car its located cause i need to looka t it!

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