Degrees by Kwik Save?

5 02 2006

Writing about web page

The Secretary of State’s grant letter is remarkable for several reasons:

First, she appears to have manually amended the date – how can such an error make it all the way to her desk?!

Second, there is the specific proposal, almost completely out of the blue, for growth in ’employer-led provision’. This is articulated here as courses which are:

wholly designed, funded or provided by employers

So, what ideas might progressive employers such as, say, Kwik Save have for innovative degree programmes that are not currently offered?

Whilst there has been far too much easy sniping at overtly vocational or narrow degree courses, there seems to me to be a world of difference between universities responding to the demands of the market by offering Not only would they not know where to start, why would they want to bother when HE produces plenty of graduates for them for free as it is?

For too long successive governments have had a touching faith in the unproven link between graduate level skills and economic advancement – it just isn’t that simple and handing over degree course design to Ikea really isn’t going to make things any better.




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