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9 02 2006

Writing about web page

Naturally I know diddly squat about what might be required behind all this to make it work or indeed whether it’s worth it, what it would cost and whether we’d end up down an alley from which there is no return. But it doesn’t stop me being pretty excited by it.

Or is it just naive over-enthusiasm on my part?

If nowt else wouldn’t it be fun to be the first in the UK? Or has someone else got there before us?




One response

9 02 2006
John Dale

No, because it isn’t available to UK institutions – US only for the moment.


Detail, John, detail!!


Actually we are in iTunes already.


OK, now you’re just making me look hopelessly out of touch!


Paul – we’re listed in more places than you think:


We have been rather busy in this area for the last few months – ask me when we pass next.


How funny would it be if someone downloaded one and took it along to miTunes at the Union?!

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