Horribly credible

14 04 2006

Book front cover

The Plot Against America
Philip Roth
4 out of 5 stars

Really outstanding tale this from the master of the over-extended sentence. Essentially a piece of ‘what if?’ historical fiction, he speculates about the effect of a Lindbergh presidency in the early years of WWII and the consequences for the rest of the world of US neutrality/tacit support for Hitler. All pretty scary. What makes it particularly frightening and compelling is that the story is told from the perspective of a young boy who assiduously catalogues the gradual and then rapid impact of superficially rational then blatantly anti-semitic new laws imposed by the Lindbergh White House as they affect him and his family. These laws, clearly copied from the early years of the Nazi ascendency in the 1930s, enjoy massive support among the wider populace, thereby justifying ever greater intervention by America’s fascist leaders.

It is all quite credible and inevitably makes you begin to think of contempory parallels.




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