“Blooks” – ugh

30 04 2006

Writing about web page http://www.businessweek.com/technology/content/apr2006/tc20060425_299851.htm

Really unpleasant neologism this – books derived from blogs. Sounds pretty awful, I have to say. But does require, does it not, that there is something like a narrative thread running through it? And this observation just has to be viewed as plain silly:

“We believe there’s a market [for book–publishing services] for every single blogger out there,” says Eileen Gittins, CEO of online publisher Blurb.com. “Charles Dickens originally serialized his novels in magazines. We are seeing much the same thing happening today, with blogs.”

I reckon barely 1 in 20 blogs I’ve seen could offer anything like the consisitency, coherence and narrative strength needed to make publication even a possibility. And surely the issue here is that we are talking about quite different media. If a blog is simply a Dickensian serialisation then that’s great but it is not quite typical of the form, nor does it really exploit the potential of the medium.

Anyway, who am I to moan – reckon I’ll just have to come up with a stronger narrative structure to get that deal!




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