Ice cream ‘meltdown’ leading to illicit 99s?

13 05 2006

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Ah well, another fond childhood memory bites the dust. And it seems that, for once, it’s not being pinned on European legislation.


FOR 60 years the tinny jingle of Greensleeves that announced the arrival of the ice–cream van has been an indelible memory of childhood, but that sound may soon be removed from suburban streets. Health lobbyists have decided that ice–creams are too much of a danger to children’s health. MPs and health officials are planning a series of measures across the country that are already forcing Mr Whippy and his helpers into meltdown.

Anyway, whoever Mr Whippy’s ‘helpers’ are, it is questionable whether a few parking restrictions next to schools are really going to make much of a difference. I like the suggestion in the article though that ice cream sales to kids will be forced underground – they will naturally be lured towards the harder stuff like Fabs, Twisters and Magnums.

Just as entertainingly you have to ask how was the following particular ‘fact’ arrived at? OK, it is quite possibly true but I just cannot believe that there is actually a body of evidence to support it:

The two most popular ice cream van jingles today are O Solo Mio by Eduardo Di Capua popularly known as the Cornetto theme and Greensleeves




One response

13 05 2006
Luna Fadayel

You should alert Chris Haworth to this.. he will be delighted.


My attention has been brought to this blog entry…..As Miss Fadayel puts it, I am delighted if steps are being taken to rid the planet of these wretched vehicles! See my blog entries ont he subject at link

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