The all new Shipping Forecast

16 05 2006

The all new Shipping Forecast seems rather different now in the early hours with Weather Forecasters reading it instead of newsreaders.

Something of the poetry of it has been lost and have been trying to work out why this might be:

  • Is it inexperience, ie they are yet to get used to doing it?
  • Do the Forecasters simply have too much professional interest? Is the news from North Utsira just too darned interesting for them to read it dispassionately?
  • Or is it that they are all much more used to winging it rather than reading from a carefully written and very precise script?

While we are on the broad subject of early morning radio, do I miss the Radio 4 UK theme? Not really, but once a week might be good.




One response

16 05 2006
Elizabeth Jenner

I’m so glad this isn’t just me who has noticed it! I, for one, am mourning the loss of the old Shipping Forecast man. I hate improvisational shipping forecasts… it’s just not the same, somehow. And yes, I think they should stop mucking about with Radio 4. Just wait til they try to get rid of Sailing By…

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