Band names derived from other bands’ songs

26 06 2006

Have always speculated about this ever since hearing about how Flock of Seagulls got their name. Limited list to date is:

  • Flock of Seagulls (line in ‘Toiler on the Sea’ by The Stranglers)
  • Ordinary Boys (Morrissey song of same name)
  • Pretty Girls Make Graves (Smiths song)
  • Deacon Blue (from Deacon Blues by Steely Dan)
  • Radiohead (from Radio Head by Talking Heads)
  • Sisters of Mercy (song by Leonard Cohen)
  • Death Cab for Cutie (song by Bonzo dog doo–dah band – or whatever they were called)
  • Simple minds (kind of from Jean Genie)



One response

26 06 2006
John Dale

Interesting challenge, just the right level of difficulty (if I can’t think of any, I give up, if too many come to mind too quickly then I don’t feel challenged enough to comment!):–

Deep Purple – from the Bing Crosby song of the same name
Badfinger – the original title of the Beatles song A little help from my friends
Cocteau Twins – the original title of a Simple Minds song later renamed to “No Cure”
Pretty Things – from the Bo Diddley song “Pretty Thing”
Rolling Stones – from the Muddy Waters song “Rolling Stone”
Small Faces – Don’t know if this one’s actually true, but the story I remember is that they were inspired by the Who song “I’m The Face” (‘Face’ was mod slang for a stylish man), and the band members were all short men. Plausible?


Eric’s Trip (a Sonic Youth song)
Blonde Redhead (named after a DNA song)
Bearsuit (I always thought they got the name from the song by Tindersticks – but I could be wrong)
Ladytron (named after the Roxy Music song)
Shakespear’s Sister (from The Smiths song of the same name)


Am slightly embarrassed that I’ve not heard of the first three on Andrea’s list!

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