A truly exceptional work

2 07 2006

Book front cover

Follow-up to Incomparable from Prole Art Threat

The Rings of Saturn: An English Pilgrimage (Panther)
W.G. Sebald, Michael Hulse
5 out of 5 stars

As with Sebald’s other works, this is just an absolutely first rate piece of writing – both particular and world–encompassing, it is both a real and intellectual travelogue. The Amazon review, see:


captures it rather neatly I think (although they do seem to have the wrong sleeve shot!) but it is a tough book to do justice to in a pithy review.

Anyway, do read it – the translation seems to me to be superb in capturing the magic of the ideas in a powerful, almost poetic, manner.

And then you can read his others too – it is so sad that there won’t be any more. But what a body of work to leave!


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