The Breakfast Club: approximation of a playlist §19

16 07 2006

The Breakfast Club – songs related to the best meal of the day

Breakfast in America – Supertramp
Breakfast at Tiffanys – Deep Blue Something
Black coffee in bed – Squeeze
Dear Sausage – The Mekons
Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps – Splodgenessabounds
Breakfast Time – Orange JuiceBreakfast
Bed and Breakfast Man – Madness
Breakfast in bed – Dusty Springfield
Blues for Breakfast – Mama Cass
Tea for two – Fats Waller (to pick one of many)
Lady Marmalade – Labelle
Cigarettes and alcohol – Oasis
Coffee and TV – Blur
England, Half English – Billy Bragg
Toast – Streetband
The Continental – Frank Sinatra
Broken English – Marianne Faithfull
Bread and butter – The Waitresses
Milk – Garbage
Orange crush – REM



One response

16 07 2006
Holly Cruise

‘Black Coffee’ – All Saints
‘Nails For Breakfast’ – Panic! At The Disco

Might try and think of more later but got a bus to catch now…


Finish Your Collapse And Stay For Breakfast – Broken Social Scene
Valley of the Sausages – Mr.Scruff
Happiness is Eggshaped – The Seahorses
Milk – Kings of Leon
Juicebox – The Strokes
For the Price of a Cup of Tea – Belle and Sebastian
Bitter Tea – The Fiery Furnaces
Storm in a Teacup – RHCP


Cornflake Girl, Tori Amos (and come to think of it, Toast too!)
Grapefruit Moon, Tom Waits
Milk and Toast and Honey, Roxette
Bacon Fat, Frank Zappa
Banana Pancakes, Jack Johnson
Coffee in the Pot, Supergrass

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