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21 07 2006

Book front cover

The Fourth Bear
Jasper Fforde
3 out of 5 stars

The Fourth Bear – Jasper fforde

OK, it’s kind of throwaway and a bit lightweight but on the other hand the two series of Fforde books really are pretty entertaining. The ‘Thursday Next’ books, which allow Fforde a braoder range of literary allusions, work better I think than the Nursery Crime series of which this is the latest instalment.

Still, it is a welcome addition to the list but if you’ve not read any of his stuff this would not be the best place to start.

(Note: Stars for entertainment value rather than pure literary merit.)



One response

21 07 2006
She Bevan


So you don’t think the Thursday Next series ‘spoilt’ the enjoyment of the Nursery series for you? (by the shear fact of its broad scope and ingenuity?)

I have only read one of the Next series and found it very frustrating but extremely clever (the depth of imaginary thought) – I intend to re–read that with the series as a whole….but I was wondering whether to start with the Nursery ones as an opener again to Jaspers style and because I thought they may be lighter read?


I’d stick with the Thursday Next ones. Honestly, worth the effort!

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