A rainbow coalition?

28 05 2007

Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon

2 star

It is impossible meaningfully to summarise – suffice it to say that the narrative, such as it is, is always just out of reach. There are elements of coherence and some extraordinary, funny and profound passages but they are fragments among the confusing collage of events, “real” and imagined, in the pre- and post-VE V2 hunt across Europe.

It only took the best part of two months to get through it – unlike most reviewers (Amazon and elsewhere) and Pynchon enthusiasts I can’t recommend it unless you really are feeling the need to wrestle with jelly. And Ulysses it ain’t.

Those Farmers Boys ride again

19 05 2007

Despite the absence of product through normal channels there seem to be dozens of videos of great tunes from the unsung heroes of Norwich available on youtube.

See especially “For you” which is just outstanding.

fb cover

(Note for young persons: not to be confused with the “Rock band” Farmer Boys from the US)

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