Bullet trickery

15 07 2007

The Bullet Trick by Louise Welsh

The lead here is a Glaswegian magician who takes the opportunity to escape the grim realities of his existence and some major local intrigue to head for cabaret in Berlin. Of course he cannot escape, either from those from his former life who are chasing him or from the corrosion inside.


This is a really good yarn with some great larger than life characters. Welsh has a nice style and never lets things get too dark nor does she let the pace slacken at any point. The slightly off beam reality she describes is strongly reminiscent of her last, also very good, novel, The Cutting Room.

4 star

Back to Unthank

8 07 2007

Lanark cover

Nice wee piece in The Guardian review about the mighty Lanark. See earlier note on this top 10 book.

Casey’s move

8 07 2007

See that Casey now trading independently here.

Welcome! (Not sure about that header pic though)

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