Sharpshootin’: approximation of a playlist §29

12 08 2007

Songs featuring firearms of one sort or another

The Man With The Golden Gun – Lulu
68 Guns – The Alarm
Rifles – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Annie get your gun – Squeeze
Gun shy – 10,000 Maniacs


Guns of Brixton – The Clash
The gun isn’t loaded – Cosmic Rough Riders
Peter Gun[n] Theme – The Art Of Noise
Happiness Is A Warm Gun – Beatles
Jawbone and the air-rifle – The Fall
Blues from a gun – Jesus and Mary Chain
Guns before butter – Gang of Four
Tommy gun – The Clash
Eton rifles – The Jam
Cannon[ball] – Damien Rice


12 08 2007

A sequel too far?


Whilst a reasonable yarn and still clever and witty in places and with a final third that does pick up the pace (after a rather pedestrian opening) this really now does feel like a bit of a tired formula.

2 star

That’s him in the corner

12 08 2007

Third in the series of decent and honest (we assume) recollections from Andrew Collins.


This time he covers his working life, from NME to TV and radio, and it is, as before, a candid, amusing and just thoroughly easy-going reverie. Really easy read but no worse for it.

3 star

Exceptionally conspiratorial

4 08 2007

In the Country of the Blind by Christopher Brookmyre

Written in 1997 and a reminder of the oceans of sleaze pre-election this is a real rollercoaster of a novel. Great fun, bit gory, bags of twists and underwritten with an ever-growing conspiracy it rattles along terrifically. So, heist goes wrong, famous and powerful media mogul murdered, ordinary guys framed and only Jack Parlabane, investigative reporter/private eye/undercover super hero can crack it. And it goes all the way to the top of the Tory party. Only read one other of his but the writing is pretty consistently strong and intelligent.

There is one lovely aside where a secret message implicating a conspirator is passed from one old friend to the protagonist by reference to a somewhat obscure song by the Skids at which point he refers to the even more obscure Skids’ B-side ‘TV Stars’ which names Albert Tatlock (early Coronation Street iconic grumpster) – virtually no-one will have got this which makes it a great piece of self-indulgence I suppose. Never mind – still a really cracking read.

4 star

Another dark and stormy night (online)

1 08 2007

Chronicle has a report on the 2007 worst sentence competition:

I particularly like the winner in the children’s category who wrote:

“Danny, the little Grizzly cub, frolicked in the tall grass on this sunny Spring morning, his mother keeping a watchful eye as she chewed on a piece of a hiker they had encountered the day before.”

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