Playlists without thinking

6 09 2007

Rough Guide Book of Playlists

Happened across this in the ‘books for students’ section in Waterstones the other day (alongside all the cooking for one books). Looked at it briefly and was a bit distressed about the idea of simply copying someone else’s playlists.


However, then read the “synopsis” on Amazon:

The 500 “Rough Guide Book of Playlists” are recommendations of ten songs (sometimes a couple more, sometimes a couple less), covering artists (Rufus Wainwright to Thelonius Monk, Al Green to Manu Chao, Glenn Gould to Julie Andrews), genres (Bebop Classics to Reggae Toasters to Punk Originals to Hot Club jazz), songs (10 best Dylan covers; 8 classic versions of “Summertime”; 10 love songs that don’t cloy), quirks and silliness (Songs about Chickens and Insects; “Who let the frogs out?”; Big Pizza Pie crooners; “Take this Job and Shove it!”). There’s even a literary edge with playlists like ’10 songs raved about in Murakami novels’. Each of the Playlists has a nugget about the song (why you want it on your iPod), and a listings of where it’s from (remember CDs?).

What brilliantly inventive stuff.




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