Groaning under the weight

23 09 2007

Titus Groan by Mervyn Peake

Titus Groan

4 star

Fantastic and bonkers. Limited cast of characters led by Titus, heir to Lord Sepulchrave, who has just been born and will inherit the giant and seemingly endless rambling pile that is Gormenghast Castle. Complex rituals, the origins of which are lost in history, govern most activity. But then excitements and intrigues and death takes over and it all gets a bit nasty.

Anyway, wonderfully imagined and brilliantly articulated stuff underpinned by good plotting. Credibility stretched in all directions but my nagging doubt is about the economics of the castle and its surrounding area – I just can’t work out how the place keeps going.

But really pleased I finally got round to this one which really is a totally distinctive piece of writing.




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