The real Burgess?

8 10 2007

The Real Life of Anthony Burgess by Andrew Biswell

Much more than just A Clockwork Orange

Burgess was the most fascinating of individuals and a wonderful and generally under-rated author. But he was also the creator of his own fictional lives and telling the same story more than once would have been a bit unchallenging. So, there was therefore a need for an authoritative biography and this as close to his real life as we are likely to get. Unfortunately, some of the real bits where they are interesting sound a bit dull and some of the exciting made up bits, when the facts are presented, sound exceptionally dull. Still, subject matter like this is difficult to obscure and there is much here which is entertaining. Full marks for the research effort though.

Real Burgess

(Of course if you are Burgess in hospital and you know Roger Bannister is a doctor there you are going to make something up about him running down the street after you trying to provide a diagnosis.)

See also the first line from Earthly Powers – just one of the best lines from one of the best books ever.

3 star




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