Damning stuff

26 10 2007

The Damned United by David Peace


Compelling stuff, gets inside the mind of Clough brilliantly but just utterly dispiriting at the end. Frighteningly believable descriptions of life at Elland Road during the mad 44 days of Clough’s tenure combined with flashbacks to days at Hartlepools [sic], Derby and Brighton leave you with the impression that football in the 1970s was overwhelmingly corrupt and organised in an utterly amateurish way. So, bit of a weepy really.

3 star




3 responses

27 10 2007
Adonis McMealticket

Hartlepools is correct. The fans still call the team “Pools”

“Hartlepool” has only existed since 1967

27 10 2007

Ah – so not all of the research from the by-election was binned!

28 10 2007
Adonis McMealticket

Aye. I wasn’t just being heavy with gloom.

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