A bit steep

28 10 2007

The Steep Approach to Garbadale by Iain Banks


Far from his best but not at all bad. Kind of a twist at the end is not too much of a surprise. A bit difficult to get over-excited about the possible takeover of a family run games business by a big American rival but Banks manages to invest matters with sufficient interest to keep things moving along and the protagonist, Alban, is likable enough as the rebel who turned his back on the family to pursue a slightly alternative lifestyle. The rant he delivers to a member of the takeover team, blaming Bush and the US for all of the world’s ills is pretty crass and self-indulgent though – it reads like an out-take DJ polemic from the last book, Dead Air.

So, worth a go and it is pretty entertaining and far from unintelligent stuff.

3 star




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