How many TVs?!!

17 01 2008

A delightful piece from Beeb about “affluenza”

The best bit of which is this quoted “fact”:

In the past, having a TV was seen as an indicator of wealth and class. Now, according to a study carried out by marketing and information group CACI, the average UK home has 4.7 television sets. A study by Lloyds TSB found that seven out of 10 children have a TV in their rooms and half of them have a DVD player too.


4.7!! That means that every person in every household in the UK has around 1.7 TVs each (ave of 2.7 people per household according to last census). Of course that figure is equally spurious but this is just such an absurd stat, can’t get over it. What are they doing with the things? Given lots of households only have one or possibly two, this must mean that lots of others have five, six or more? Gawd.




One response

25 01 2008

I had the same thought about the Gordon Ramsey cook-along-live programme…

Is it right to assume that the majority of people have a TV in the kitchen?

(Although I have often thought that a wall-mounted one in the bathroom to watch in the bath would be appealling. Odd, but appealling.)

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