Rough stuff

30 03 2008

Rough Treatment by John Harvey


Really good yarn centred on a pair of smart(ish) crooks who strike lucky when burgling a failing TV producer’s house resulting in an affair with the lady of the house and a kilo of cocaine being held to ransom. The Nottingham setting is compelling and Resnick’s sandwich options, as he moves towards solving the case and failing to sell his house, even more detailed. The critique of the hopeless end of the TV production business is entertainingly damning too.

Still can’t understand why the Resnick novels are hailed for being “the finest police procedurals” when first and foremost they are excellent stories – the procedural stuff seems pretty incidental.

3 star



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9 04 2008

Wondered whether you’d caught this: Front Row?

Crime Fiction Round-up
New adventures for R.D. Wingfield’s Jack Frost, a Tudor serial killer for C.J. Sansom’s 16th century detective, Matthew Shardlake, plus dark deeds in the midnight sun in Ann Cleeves’s new Jimmy Perez novel, White Nights. Front Row’s crime fiction expert Jeff Park reviews the best new crime releases.

White Nights by Ann Cleeves, C.J. Sansom’s Revelation, and A Killing Frost by R.D. Wingfield are all out now.

12 04 2008

As a very narrow reader of crime fiction, I just don’t know any of these (although assuming Frost is as per the TV prog)

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