25 01 2009

Sidetracked by Henning Mankell

From the Amazon Review

“The Swedish summer-time is too beautiful and too brief for something like this to happen.” A young girl commits self-immolation, a former government minister is killed with an axe and scalped; these are the two brutal facts that confront Inspector Kurt Wallander as he prepares for his holiday. As the Swedish midsummer approaches there is no escaping from the darkness of society.

The first of the Wallander books I’ve read and really is rather enjoyable, despite the rather gruesome elements and quite a high body count. The Swedish setting makes an interesting alternative to more familiar British or US police operations. Whilst I found the translation of dialogue took a bit of getting used to (it just seems rather wooden and stilted at times but perhaps this is the way it is meant to be) the plotting is great and the climax really builds in the final part of the book.






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