One day at a time

12 12 2009

Thank you for the days by Mark Radcliffe

Approaching 50, Mark Radcliffe decided to write about his life, most importantly, his time in music. But crucially, he only wanted to write about the most interesting days and not the dull ones in between. Mark’s family life is covered by ‘The Day My Mother Hit Me With a Golf Club’ , his school life by ‘The Day I Ruined a Perfectly Good Suit’ and ‘The Day I Got My First Guitar’; through his epiphany of the power of music in ‘The Day I Met the Band Who Changed My Life’ and his star struck meeting with childhood hero, David Bowie.

Other stars are there too including in ‘The Day I Went to Kate Bush’s House for Cheese Flan’, and ‘The Day Mick Jagger Was Taller Than Me’ as well as close encounters with Kylie. The report of the slow motion car crash that was Mark and Lard’s stint on the Radio 1 breakfast show is presented in an honest matter of fact way. Overall a pretty enjoyable read with the stuff with the stars being considerably more interesting than the tales from home. Radcliffe, as you would hope and expect, comes across as an entertaining and thoroughly decent bloke.




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