22 07 2010

Before the Frost by Henning Mankell

In the dark forest near Ystad, a grisly find is made: human hands and a severed head, arranged in a grim mockery of prayer. A bible, seemingly heavily annotated by the killer is also found. But this is just one of series of bizarre incidents that have been taxing inspector Kurt Wallander: including domestic pets being attacked. Not a good time, in fact, for Wallander’s daughter Linda to make her debut as another detective on the force. But (needless to say) she soon gives her father a run for his money in identifying the criminals involved–a sinister group with biblical punishments on their unflinching agenda.

This is primarily about Linda rather than her father. The plot is a bit flaky and was never quite sure what the ultimate plot was actually about but the narrative is pretty strong and fairly steams along. Not one of his best but still rather good.

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