Entering Jerusalem

9 11 2010

Entry into Jerusalem by Stanley Middleton

I’d been looking for a Stanley Middleton novel for ages without success but then happened across this one. Have to say I really enjoyed it and am now looking for more. His obituary is a reminder of his earlier success, including a Booker Prize win for ‘Holiday’, but also of his slide out of fashion:

In 2006, the Times sent the first chapter of Holiday to publishers and literary agents to test their reactions. All but one of the 21 replies were rejections. Middleton, contacted about the story, was unsurprised. “People don’t seem to know what a good novel is nowadays,” he told the Times.

Entry into Jerusalem is extremely well written but, without being able to define quite why, it does feel somewhat dated. Looking forward to catching up on the other 43 I’ve missed.

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