8 09 2011

Incandescence by Craig Nova

Stargell had it all. A prestigious job at a think tank. A beautiful Greek wife. Money enough to indulge his expensive tastes. Then one day he lost his job for using the think tank s computer to play the horses and his life started taking a very definite turn for the worse. Suddenly he’s broke, his wife’s going crazy, and a very determined Lower East Side loan shark has his number. In the midst of all this danger and chaos, however, the resilient and darkly comic Stargell pushes his limits, playing it by ear. For Stargell is sustained by those rare moments of redeeming grace when every experience feels vital and valuable, when even the darkest moments and the most soiled landscapes seem to glow with a burning incandescence.

A good read this (unusually also read in traditional book form too). Has a bit of ‘On the Road’ about it but is also really quite entertaining, albeit a bit dark in places. Whilst Stargell is not exactly an endearing lead, he is engaging enough to sustain interest.

I’d never heard of it or Craig Nova before receiving this as a present but would certainly recommend. And some of the other books in this Capuchin Classics series look really good too.




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