8 03 2012

Nemesis by Philip Roth



Athletic but unfit for war, Bucky Cantor is in charge of the playground in an oppressive New Jersey wartime summer when a polio outbreak begins to strike down the kids in his charge. His reluctant decision to leave his playground director job though has disastrous consequences. It’s a thoroughly compelling and claustrophobic narrative which captures the horror and sadness caused by an invisible enemy and the dilemmas faced by one man trying to face it down.

From the blurb:

Focusing on Cantor’s dilemmas as polio begins to ravage his playground – and on the everyday realities he faces – Roth leads us through every inch of emotion such a pestilence can breed: the fear, the panic, the anger, the bewilderment, the suffering, and the pain.

Not his best but still very good indeed.





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