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23 06 2012

La Rochelle by Michael Nath

A couple of the quotes on Amazon about this recent and really rather good novel:

Stylish, very funny, discreetly surprising, this remarkable novel reads at times like a fable of England under New Labour, where nothing is quite what it seems and not much is worth what it costs. But it’s not a fable. It’s the subtle, semi-sad story of a lost man, who has wit enough to have found himself several times over if he had really been looking. –Michael Wood
Jules et Jim with a postmodern twist. Nath has a confidence and attitude that rocks you on every page. –Daisy Goodwin

Like the gales that blow around the equinox, the disappearance of his friend’s woman stirs up the life of a doctor, placing him in the power of a subtle enchanter and threatening professional ruin. Will it make or break him? Set during the hostage crisis of 2004, against a background of superheated thinking and sexual oblivion, this study in modern heroism tests adoration to the limit.

A really entertaining dark and comedic literary debut from this University of Westminster academic. Mark embarks on week long bender with his best friend Ian as they mutually mourn and then fret over the latter’s vanished girlfriend. A whole host of strange drunken encounters ensue followed by a surreal jaunt to Devon inspired by an encounter with a psychic. Nothing though is quite what it seems and all of the characters reveal unexpected motivations and histories. Sharp and erudite and highly recommended.



4 responses

23 06 2012
Michael Nath

Many thanks for this. Who/where’s it coming from?

Very best,

Michael (‘Cranked at nought like a Wimpy crane’, and all that).

23 06 2012

Michael – apologies – it’s me again. Worth the multi-channel promotion though!

Paul Greatrix

23 06 2012
Michael Nath

That’s another pint I owe you. Capital blog (& name).

British Story is on its way.


18 01 2015
Falling and Laughing | Prole Art Threat

[…] nice to notice the credit to “The Professor”, one Michael Nath, whose first novel has previously been reviewed […]

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