House partying

15 03 2014

Crome Yellow by Aldous Huxley


Denis Stone, a naive young poet, is invited to stay at Crome, a country house renowned for its gatherings of ‘bright young things’. His hosts, Henry Wimbush and his exotic wife Priscilla, are joined by a party of colourful guests whose intrigues and opinions ensure Denis’s stay is a memorable one.

Huxley’s debut novel is a satirical flight through a 1920s gathering of bright young things at Crome, home of the Wimbushes. Denis Stone, the innocent young poet, recounts the action and really has very little positive to say about most of his fellow guests. The back story of the previous Crome owners is very entertaining although the line taken by one guest, the improbably named Mr Barbecue-Smith, on higher education is unfortunate: “illuminating, but provoking the Lower Classes to discontent and revolution”





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