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31 01 2015

The Financial Lives of the Poets by Jess Walter


Meet Matt Prior. He’s about to lose his job, his house, his wife, and maybe his sanity too.

Financial journalist Matt quit his job to set up a website which couldn’t fail. Only now he’s woken up to the biggest crisis since the Great Crash, and it has. He’s got six days to save his house. It’s hard to focus when your wife’s having an online affair with her childhood sweetheart, but there are children to think about . . . So when he gets hold of some high-grade dope and finds he can sell a piece on at a profit, he begins to think this might be his salvation.

A fabulously funny, heartfelt novel about how we can skate close to the edge of ruin – and pull back.

Despite the obvious confusion about the main character being named after a former England wicket keeper, it’s not a bad premise for a story which then takes off in an absurd direction. However, it really isn’t nearly as amusing as this blurb suggests.

3 star

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