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5 03 2016

Sex, Lies and the Ballot Box


Have you ever wondered…

… what emotions really influence where your cross goes on the ballot paper?

… whether people are claiming to vote when they haven’t?

… which party’s supporters are the kinkiest in bed?

this exhilarating read injects some life back into the world of British electoral politics. Sex, Lies & the Ballot Box sheds light on some of our more unusual voting trends, ranging from why people lie about voting to how being attractive can get you elected.

Each of the fifty accessible and concise chapters, written by leading political experts, seeks to examine the broader issues surrounding voting and elections in Britain. It is not just about sexual secrets and skewed surveys: it illustrates the importance of women and ethnic minorities; explains why parties knock on your door (and why they don’t); and shows how partisanship colours your views of everything, even pets.

This fascinating volume covers everything you need to know (and the things you never thought you needed to know) about the bedroom habits, political untruths and voting nuances behind the upcoming election.

It’s an outstanding collection of clear and snappy essays and just full of genuinely fascinating insights. Very highly recommended and can’t wait for the sequel which I’m sure is already in the works and is almost certainly called “More Sex, Lies and the Ballot Box”. Terrific work from Professors Cowley and Ford.

5 star

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