There’s a catch

18 06 2016

Catch-22 by Joseph Heller



Set in the closing months of World War II, this is the story of a bombardier named Yossarian who is frantic and furious because thousands of people he has never met are trying to kill him. His real problem is not the enemy – it is his own army which keeps increasing the number of missions the men must fly to complete their service. If Yossarian makes any attempts to excuse himself from the perilous missions then he is caught in Catch-22: if he flies he is crazy, and doesn’t have to; but if he doesn’t want to he must be sane and has to. That’s some catch…

Decided to go for this on 55th anniversary having avoided the previous 40 such dates (actually did try a few times before and then gave up). Glad I did although it didn’t feel like quite the masterpiece it is sometimes presented as. Pretty entertaining as well as being sharp and funny and rather dark in places.






One response

18 06 2016

I always felt that it’s very of a time & the humour hasn’t held up totally. But an entertaining take on WWII & the madness of war in general

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