3 06 2017

How the Hell did this Happen? by P J O’Rourke

No comedian could have written the joke this election cycle has been. The punch line is too ridiculous (whoever the punch line is going to be). Celebrated political satirist, journalist, and diehard Republican P.J. O’Rourke brings his critical eye and inimitable voice to some serious risky business.

How The Hell Did This Happen? covers the whole election process from the pig pile of presidential candidates circa June 2015, the dreadful key primaries and candidate debates through his come-to-Satan moment with Hillary – ‘She’s the second worst thing that could happen to our nation. I endorse her.’ – to the Beginning of End Times in November.

How The Hell Did This Happen? answers the key question of the 2016 presidential election: Should we laugh or should we cry or should we hurl? (They are not mutually exclusive.)

It’s all a bit Covfefe. Some amusing essays here from the sporadically sharp wit of O’Rourke but some pretty throwaway stuff too. Have always thought he was worth reading despite his political standpoint but unfortunately he is, perhaps unsurprisingly, not quite as funny as he used to be.




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