Stop the world

6 06 2020

The Last Day by Andrew Hunter Murray





2059. The world has stopped turning.

One half suffers an endless frozen night; the other, nothing but burning sun.

Only in a slim twilit region between them can life survive.

In an isolationist Britain, scientist Ellen Hopper receives a letter from a dying man.

It contains a powerful and dangerous secret.

One that those in power will kill to conceal…


Rather reminiscent of some other recent post-apocalyptic thrillers like Station 11 this is a really pacy and entertaining tale with a great premise. Ellen Hopper, the heroine of the book is a decently credible tough but slightly vulnerable scientist character who goes from crisis to crisis and discovery to discovery in trying to make sense of the new world order.

I was reading this only a couple of weeks ago though and was quite alarmed by this line:

The first day of slowing had been five years before Hopper was born, but she’d read several histories. It had come in late May 2020.
Not what you want. I also was, naturally concerned by the impact on higher education as the dictatorial Prime Minister, Davenport, seemed to have taken some rather drastic action:
The hall was half empty, even on the first night of term. All the colleges were half empty these days, even in Oxford. Most other universities had been closed down, their grounds requisitioned, rooms used as barracks, playing fields converted to crop use. The universities had been one of Davenport’s first compulsory land reclamations, and it had been popular. Davenport had attended Oxford, so it was one of the few that had stayed open.
Truly apocalyptic.
Anyway, all in all an really good read. As long as none of it comes true, of course.


four stars



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