Pseud or sound?

7 12 2005

Is this a profound and meaningful job or just a load of guff? I find it difficult to decide! It is a ‘Learning and Progression Project Manager’ post at a neigbouring institution (OK, Birmingham)

Join our efforts to make Birmingham’s excellent curriculum accessible to those who have the innate ability to benefit from it, and to ensure that all students are supported academically to reach their full potential with us. We need someone who can develop, with input from academic colleagues, and evaluate initiatives that will identify and support those students who, for whatever reason, appear not to be achieving their full potential or in danger of discontinuing. You will have a professional insight into pedagogic approaches and knowledge of initiatives and research in this area. You will also be committed to evidence-based evaluation of student progression and capabilities.

It’s the final two sentences I find hardest to comprehend. Does it really mean that you should be an ex-teacher who prefers fact to fantasy? Or am I missing something?


Nanny state?

18 11 2005

Writing about web page

This exciting new product is offered by a spinout from the University of Glamorgan and claims to offer massive benefits in terms of student retention

There may be some design issues causing customer confusion though…

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