Even More Murakaminess

20 10 2012

1Q84 Book 3 by Haruki Murakami

Book Two of 1Q84 ended with Aomame standing on the Metropolitan Expressway with a gun between her lips.

 She knows she is being hunted, and that she has put herself in terrible danger in order to save the man she loves.

But things are moving forward, and Aomame does not yet know that she and Tengo are more closely bound than ever.

Tengo is searching for Aomame, and he must find her before this world’s rules loosen up too much.

He must find her before someone else does.

After really enjoying Books 1 and 2 I was very much looking forward to reading Book 3 but unfortunately found it rather disappointing. All the ingredients are there with the languid plot and general weirdness in the strange parallel world of 1Q84 but the pace is just too slow to retain interest.

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