31 05 2014

A Place of Greater Safety by Hilary Mantel



Georges-Jacques Danton: zealous, energetic and debt-ridden. Maximilien Robespierre: small, diligent and terrified of violence. And Camille Desmoulins: a genius of rhetoric, charming and handsome, yet also erratic and untrustworthy. As these young men, key figures of the French Revolution, taste the addictive delights of power, the darker side of the period’s political ideals is unleashed – and all must face the horror that follows.

Capturing the violence, tragedy, history, and drama of the French Revolution, this novel focuses on the families and loves of three men who led the Revolution–Danton, the orator; Robespierre, the cold rationalist; and Desmoulins, a fellow conspirator.

It’s a big book in every sense with a huge cast of characters and masses of action and detail across the terrain of revolutionary France. Impossible to justice to it in a few words but suffice to say it is a tremendous work – dramatic, fast-paced and exciting with plenty of politics and blood. Highly recommended.


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