Here’s hoping

24 11 2012

Hope and Glory by Stuart Maconie

In Hope and Glory Stuart Maconie goes in search of the days that shaped the Britain we live in today. Taking one event from each decade of the twentieth century, he visits the places where history happened and still echoes down the years. Stuart goes to Orgreave and Windsor, Wembley and Wootton Bassett, assembling a unique cast of Britons from Sir Edmund Hillary to Sid Vicious along the way.

It’s quite a trip, full of sex and violence and the occasional scone and jigsaw. From pop stars to politicians, Suffragettes to punks, this is a journey around Britain in search of who we are.

It’s a really nice book this. A bit in the Bill Bryson mould but no worse for that. It’s a good premise as well, visiting a range of ordinary places which have extraordinary stories. And Maconie does have an easy way about his writing which ensures that things never get dull.


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