4 07 2009

Gautrek’s saga, translated by Hermann Palsson and Paul Edwards


Splendid stuff as you would expect (or perhaps not). Outstanding passage in which Gautrek is born into a large but isolated family (as a result of an unexpected visit from King Gauti) the members of which respond to the most minor setback by throwing themselves, fatally, over the ‘family cliff’.

After that it wanders round the houses (across Scandinavia) a bit before an entertaining conclusion. Brief but good.

(Picture above shows one of the more unfortunate characters, Starkad, who, despite his talents, ends up despised by all.)

3 star

Egil’s Saga

5 10 2008

Egil’s Saga

One of the really great sagas this – Egil is a multi-faceted character, both warrior and poet but many points in between as well. His journeys take us from Norway to Iceland to England and on raids around the Baltic as he proves a decisive character in many scenarios. As always with the sagas some of the family trees can be a bit hard to follow but the story rolls along in an highly entertaining fashion.

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